The Smart Touch Kiosk was conceived from the need to increase in-store presence; display & demonstrate live devices and to have current & relevant product information through a user friendly touch screen interface. 
The striking design cues were taken from the Samsung display design direction, and although modern, it retains a neutral presence and the small footprint makes it versatile and unobtrusive.
Materials reflect the premium qualities of the Samsung brand and production processes & components are innovative and carefully considered from a service and durability point of view. Maintenance can be carried out quickly and replacement of parts and devices are effortless and cost effective. The kiosk has a low overall power consumption of +/- 130 Watt for the PC, Touch Screen, cooling fan, LED illumination, security system and the charging of the devices. Production is handled by specialists in their respective fields, with the ability to increase the output to export volumes should the need arise.

The Smart Touch Kiosk lends itself to customisation through vinyl application, cladding and removable accessories. It has adequate facilities for promotional prints and information brochures. The structure has the ability to be changed, updated and upgraded in future.
User Interface software, was developed to compliment the Samsung website and familiar Samsung brand identity. It is intuitive and informative. It allows an overview of most Samsung Handsets and Tablets, with comparisons and detailed information. The software was developed with the ability to expand in future, to offer more functionality and be updated from a visual point of view.